June 5, 2007

The project will go on!

After an extended illness, Jean passed on this morning, very peacefully and surrounded by her sons and close family. The Ice-Cycles project was one of the few projects that received her full energy right up to the end. The evening before her passing, she reviewed proofs of her images and was very pleased with the results. Her sons Steve and Charles will be working with her chosen vendors, Cirrus Digital Imaging and Press22 Book Design to complete production the portfolio she dreamed of creating. We will continue to share the process with you through this website. Thank you for your prayers.

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May 20, 2007

First Portfolio Image Posted

Thank you for connecting to the site. I have just posted the first picture to be included in the Ice-Cycles portfolio. These images are posted to the Member Area in the sidebar to the right. A password is needed to view them. If you are a member, you already have the password… if not, it's very easy, and won't cost you a penny! Just type your name and email address in to the boxes at the top of the sidebar, and click "Sign Up". You'll receive an email confirming your membership, and as soon as you confirm, I'll send you the password. I hope you'll take a look at this lovely Antarctic ice photo, and let me know what you think!

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May 16, 2007

Graphic arts

Yesterday, I met with John Laursen, the owner of Press22 Book Design. John is a superb graphic artist who has agreed to work with me on the portfolio. We explored the size and actual color of the exterior of the box. He has taken a CD of the images away with him and is going to advise me about the sequencing of the prints.

Meanwhile, Phil Bard at Cirrus Digital Imaging is making proof prints for me to examine. As the project progresses, I can't help telling you there is a tingle of excitement in my spine!

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May 4, 2007

Scanning and Printing

Things are moving along nicely. Today I visited with the digital imager, Phil Bard of "Cirrus Digital Imaging," who will be scanning and printing my ice works. He is very knowledgeable and I feel we are compatible in our thinking. We spent considerable time on each image discussing color. The object is to come as close to the real thing as I can remember. The brilliance and iridescence will surprise you. It is like gazing into a bowl of rare jewels: emeralds, tanzanite and sapphires, unlike our usual feelings about ice and snow to which we normally assign the color white.

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April 29, 2007

Ice Image

As I edit my pictures for the portfolio, I find it very difficult to make choices. Each image is like a part of me.

My passion about the ice, in any form, is very real. These images just speak to a few of the feelings. At this time, I am looking for diversity of refraction as much as anything.

Arctic ice

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April 22, 2007

Welcome to Ice Cycles

This is the diary of my project to create a book that collects some of my best ice photos, taken over many years at the ends of the Earth.  The project is just in it's infancy, and already has undergone many dramatic changes.  Every day, I am learning more about computers and the internet, about the new electronic darkroom and what it means to the realization of my artistic vision, and about the ice itself, and the beauty hidden inside it. 

Please join me on this journey.  Be one of the first to see the striking images that have lain hidden in my "shoebox" of negatives for so long.  And possibly, be one of the few to hold the finished work in your own hands.  I look forward to sharing it with you!

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